Balanced Flue

A balanced flue (sometimes more correctly referred to as a room-sealed appliance) can be a solution where a property has no masonry chimney and a freestanding flue-pipe would be inappropriate.

Balancedflue _150x 150It uses two, twin pipes or ducts coming straight from the back of the cooker through the wall to outside. One tube brings a fresh air supply into each of the burners, whilst the others discharge the products of combustion. On oil-fired models this takes the form of two rectangular ducts, whilst the gas-fired cooker has two concentric tubes. Terminals are externally covered by a protective cage. Solid fuel and wood burning appliances can not be flued with a balanced flue.

Although no bends can be fitted in the flue-pipe, the overall length can be up to 1 metre, using optional extension pieces; more than adequate for most domestic wall thicknesses.

Current regulations dictate where a balanced flue can terminate and there are minimum clearances required to nearby obstructions or opening windows & doors. They should not terminate within car-ports. An assessment should be made as to whether the noise or vapours might cause annoyance to neighbours etc. A Rayburn Guild installer will be able to advise you of the best place for installation.

The gas 480CD and oil 680CD have a high-efficiency 'A' rated boiler operating on the condensing principle. This means that every last bit of heat is usefully extracted from the flue gases causing condensate to form. The fluepipes have been designed with this in mind and any condensate is led safely away to a convenient drain or soakaway, by an additional small pipe. As the burners and flue-path are sealed from the room, no airbricks into the kitchen are required.

Oven venting is still a product feature and benefit. A separate copper pipe travels from the ovens to outside to remove cooking smells and condensation, sometimes assisted by a small electric fan on the oil-fired models.