Power Flue

A Power flue may be the answer for properties where there is no conventional chimney and offers the flexibility for the cooker to be sited on an external or internal wall, even within an island or peninsular setting.

Powerflue _150x 150It uses a single, stainless steel flue-pipe, diameter 54mm. A variable speed, low voltage electric fan is fitted externally to provide the necessary suction.

A basic flue installation kit is supplied with the product, suitable for most installations up to 3m. Additional flue-pipe fittings and fastenings are available including 90 and 45 degree angle bends to allow flexibility of the flue route.

The pipe exits from the cooker through either the right or left hand side panel at low level, allowing for the pipe to be taken below work units if required.

It is possible to route the flue at high level or even under a floor, providing access can still be gained for cleaning the inside of the pipe. The flue can be extended up to 5 metres in length incorporating a maximum of 5 bends.

Current regulations dictate where power flues can terminate and there are minimum clearances required to nearby obstructions or opening windows & doors. Also minimum clearances above ground level. They should not terminate within car-ports.

A combustion air supply through an airbrick into the kitchen is required.

Oven venting is still a product feature and benefit, using the flue-pipe and fan to discharge externally.

Solid fuel and wood burning models are not available with a power flue.


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