Cooking with Rayburn

Q. Will I have to relearn how to cook with a Rayburn?

A. No. You can use your Rayburn as easily as any conventional cooker. There are, however, several techniques open to you when cooking on a Rayburn that give better results that are just not possible on a conventional cooker. And each new Rayburn comes with a comprehensive Rayburn cook book full of delicious traditional and contemporary recipes, plus hints and tips to help you get the very best out of your cooker. Rayburn stockists hold demonstrations too, which will answer your culinary questions.

Q. How can I grill food on a Rayburn?

A. Grilling takes place in three ways. Bacon, sausages and tomatoes and so on are placed on a grill rack in a tin at the very top of a hot oven where they cook to perfection. A ridged grill pan is heated on the boiling end of the hotplate or on the floor of a hot oven for steaks, cutlets and chops. Grilled or toasted sandwiches can be cooked directly on the hotplate.

Q. Are both ovens for cooking?

A. All Rayburns have a large main cast-iron oven, which is large enough to accommodate a 28lb (13Kg) turkey. The lower oven is two-thirds the volume of the upper oven. Models with cast iron lower ovens operate at half the temperature of the main oven. Other models feature a warming oven, which is useful for warming dishes, keeping cooked food hot for latecomers and making meringues and drying herbs etc.

Q. Will we need another cooker for the summer?

A. Not with our 400, XT, 600 and 700 series, as they can be turned on during cooking periods only.

Q. Can I have a Rayburn that is for cooking only?

A. Yes, therer are cooking only models for all fuel types, and some don't even require a chimney with the new power flue option. The Rayburn family of cookers is the largest range available and there is a perfect model to suit every home.

Q. Do I have to leave my Rayburn on all the time?

Traditonal models have been deisgned for continuous operation and are adjusted to provide the required temperatures. Rapid Response models are designed to be able to be turned on and off as required, and heat up is fast. These can also be operated on a special low setting to give a gently warmth to the kitchen as well as for off-peak cooking. 

Q. Can I cook without running the cenrtal heating?

A. Yes. All twin-burner models have separate burners for cooking and heating. Certain models are also available with an electric programmer so you can set the heating and cooker to come on independently in anticipation of your return home. 

Q. How quickly do they heat up?

Traditional models are designed for continous operation. To bring the cooker from an idling setting to a moderate oven takes around 40 minutes. Rapid Response models have a very fast heat up from cold, around 30 minutes for a moderate oven.

Q. Will the kitchen get too hot?

The amount of insulation in a Rayburn, depending on model, is sufficient to provide some warmth to the kitchen as required. Traditional models give a gentle warmth at an idling setting, and more heat when at full operating temperature. Rapid Response models are designed to be turned off as required, but may also be run on a low setting if required.