Running a Rayburn

Q. Are Rayburns expensive to run?

A. Rayburns are made from cast iron, a medium that has excellent thermal properties which absorbs and retains heat, making the most of your fuel. The cookers are also well insulated making for efficient and economical running even when operated continuously. All models are controllable to give the total flexibility. As well as cooking, the gentle warmth provided is useful for myriad kitchen and domestic purposes - keeping the coffee pot hot, airing washing, drying herbs. The list goes on and on - ask any Rayburn owner.

Q. How much does a Rayburn cost per year to run compared to a normal cooker?

A. Fuel costs are similar. Refer to the published fuel consumption comparison chart. Again, there are many variables, such as lifestyle, usage, model and system design. Bear in mind that the presence of a Rayburn in the kitchen will possibly eliminate the need for a radiator there and its space-warming feature is an important plus point.