Guide to Solid Fuel

Self sufficient home cooking and heating

The Rayburn solid fuel and multi fuel series can be fuelled with natural, carbon neutral wood or solid fuels like heat logs, peat briquettes or manufactured Smokeless fuel.


Wood fuel

Probably the most important thing to ensure when you're burning wood is that it is really dry, so you should always try and use either kiln dried or seasoned wood logs.  You can get good seasoned wood by buying it dry, or you can buy green logs and dry them yourself. You can tell if wood is well seasoned by bark that comes off easily and cracks appearing from the centre of the log. You should always avoid burning logs that aren't dry. Freshly harvested wood contains naturally high amounts of water, between 65 - 90% depending on the species. Burning damp logs or fresh logs with a high moisture content can create tars and smoke which can be corrosive, potentially damaging the lining of your flue and increasing the danger of a chimney fire. After seasoning, store your logs undercover to keep them dry and ready for use.


Carbon NeutralThe environment

Burning wood is carbon neutral, because it only releases the same amount of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as it would if were left to decompose on the forest floor. So when you're burning firewood you can be assured that you are not harming the environment. Trees reabsorb Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere whilst they are growing, thus completing the cycle.



Solid FuelSolid Fuel

Solid fuel represents an efficient and economical method of fuelling your home. There is a wide range of manufactured smokeless fuels and heat logs to choose from. As you always hold stock, solid fuel gives you independence from reliance on large energy suppliers, ensuring that you don't need to worry about supply failures or power cuts. If you don't live in a Smoke Control Area you can also burn house coal. Contact your local Environmental Health Department for more information about Smoke Control Areas.



Linked systems

You don't have to be 100% reliant on your solid fuel boiler. We've developed a clever bit of kit called Eco-Connect, that actually allows you to link your solid fuel or wood burning central heating system with a gas or oil fired boiler, which means you can leave the solid fuel part off and fall back on the gas or oil heating when ever required. Eco-Connect will also automatically pull heat from your wood fuel boiler and only turn on the gas or oil boiler when it's needed. It therefore gives priority to the renewable energy source and features a display screen to tell you which fuel source it's pulling the heat from. The Eco-Connect will also mix the heat input from the two heat sources if the solid fuel boiler isn't quite generating enough hot water. Eco-Connect allows for safe dissipation of heat in the case of possible accidental over-firing of the solid fuel appliance or during an electrical power cut and has been third party tested and accredited and recently won OFTEC's award for Innovative product of the year.

For more information on solid fuel please visit the Solid Fuel Association website at