Step by step buying guide

Your step by step guide to buying and installing your new Rayburn.

Step one: Choosing your fuel type

Whether you're replacing an old model or making your first Rayburn purchase, it's worth considering the most appropriate fuel type for your needs. Of course in some circumstances this will be an easy decision, but with solid fuel, wood, oil, gas and electric models available - each with their own distinctive benefits - looking at all the options is a good starting point.

Oil Gas Wood Solid Fuel


Step two: Select  your model

Once you've chosen your fuel type, identify what you want your Rayburn to be used for. Is it cooking only, or do you want it to provide hot water and heating? Either way, the Rayburn model selector is the best starting point to narrow down your options and choose that all important colour.

If heating is an important feature of your Rayburn purchase, consider how many radiators you want to run as Heatranger models vary in output. To get an exact heating load (measured in kW), ask the trained engineer at your site survey.

Model Selector


Step three: Site survey

Having a survey carried out by a qualified and competent installer will help ensure you get the Rayburn that suits your individual requirements. These can be arranged by visiting your local Rayburn stockist or by searching for a Rayburn Heat Centre Engineer.

During the survey you will be advised where your new Rayburn will be best situated, as well as plan the flueing layout and heating and hot water system. The survey is also a good opportunity to discuss the integration of any renewable energy such as wood burning stoves, solar thermal or solar electric, as well as ask any questions.

For the best possible service and advice, we recommend using a member of the Rayburn Guild.

Step four: Installation

It might sound like the most difficult part, but installing your new Rayburn is a relatively simple job. The images below show a typical installation of an oil-fired Rayburn 680KCD with a conventional flue.

Rayburn Arrives

Rayburn arrives securely packaged and fully assembled with just the doors to hang.

Rayburn Rollers

To ensure the Rayburn is not damaged, it is carefully brought into the property on rollers.

Rayburn Survey

As approved in your site survey, the Rayburn is moved into place.

Doors Hung

The doors are hung.


A Pre-assembled flue kit is attached to the Rayburn and connected to the chimney. This will vary for different models and flue types.

Magnetic Filter

If you have chosen a Heatranger model, the central heating system is flushed, and a magnetic filter fitted to collect any harmful deposits from the system - protecting your new Rayburn.


The burner is commissioned by the engineer and the Rayburn is thoroughly checked over for any faults.


Your new Rayburn is handed over ready to go. But first the engineer will give you a full demonstration of the controls and remind you about the importance of regular servicing.


Step five: Christen your new Rayburn with a cooked breakfast!

Cooked Breakfast

The combination of hotplates and cast iron ovens ensures the Rayburn is perfect for every kind of cooking - especially a cooked breakfast so it's time to get started with your culinary masterpiece! View our cooked breakfast recipe




Step six: Visit your local Rayburn demonstration

Rayburn Demo

For those of you who are new to cooking on a Rayburn, why not get some tips from a pro at your Rayburn demonstration? As well as basic tips and advice - which show how to get the most from your cooker - there are also themed versions covering all sorts of interesting cooking topics. The demonstrators are happy to answer your questions and best of all, guests get to sample all the delicious food that's been cooked.

So whether you're a seasoned Rayburn cook looking to build your repertoire, or entirely new to the world of Rayburn, it's well worth booking a place at a demonstration as you're sure to learn lots of interesting new things.  View our latest demonstrations

Step seven: Regular servicing

Engineer Square

To ensure your Rayburn is always running at optimum efficiency, it's important to have it regularly serviced. The Rayburn Heat Centre is a nationwide network of authorised dealers and independent engineers committed to providing a first class after sales service. To find your local engineer search here.




Step eight: Enjoy your Rayburn for years and years

 Rayburn Life


  "Crafted by Hand Built for Life"