Living with a Rayburn

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A guide to Rayburn running costs and efficiencies.

What makes Rayburn such a great choice?

rayburnomics_supportpic.jpgRayburn is in good company and sharing a great deal with its sister brand, AGA.

Many Rayburn customers recognise this connection straight away - just like an AGA, the cast iron ovens cook fantastic food using radiant heat. It is British-made throughout comes in a choice of stunning coloured enamel finishes with cast-iron hotplates, and provides the warm glow of heat into the kitchen that can offset the need for radiators.

Rayburn is ready to cook in around 25 minutes and is only on when you need it. For all Rayburn owners, it's the heart of their home, and a focal point for the family in the most important room in the home.

Rayburn and the environment

Rayburn is an unsung environmental champion with a strong spread of green credentials:

  • Made from recycled materials
  • Low carbon footprint from factory to your home
  • Optimised for renewable fuels
  • Efficient energy use

Rayburn running costs - the facts

There is a Rayburn that runs on almost every fuel, and one to suit most sizes of home.

Rayburn Cooker only models

If you're wondering how much it will cost to run a cooker-only Rayburn, there's a handy table in the full Rayburnomics document that shows the energy consumption and running costs based on energy prices as of August 2011.

It costs surprisingly little to run a Rayburn, and these figures are based on running the Rayburn for five hours in the evening - providing all the cooking you need along with 5 hours of warmth into the kitchen.

Rayburn Cooking & Hot Water or Cooking, Hot Water & Heating models

For Rayburn models that provide hot water or hot water and heating, you'll need to consult a qualified heating engineer who can calculate running costs based on the size and type of home.